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    I have a brain hole idea. Do you remember the original idea of protocol lab? Let the spare storage of the world contribute its own storage as a node, but so far this difficulty increases the hardware requirements. There are several main factors affecting the family miners: 1. Hardware volume problem. At present, most small bulk miners, including the mining pool, are using a large volume of servers to dig, occupying a large space. 2. The problem of heat dissipation and noise, the noise of large server fan is very unbearable, and the cost of heat dissipation is also very high. In order to dissipate heat, air conditioners may be used. 3. Network problems and power failure are the pain of many miners.

    After my own consideration, I think there may be a solution to these problems! First, to solve the first problem, I think the CPU can use the processor of the notebook to be the most powerful CPU, and the graphics card can use the MXM notebook graphics card motherboard to customize two-way, so that the space is reduced and can be installed with an iron box (refer to the picture). The customized memory slot can expand up to 8 slots and double m.2 slots. The double-layer iron box is put into the hard disk for hot plug. 2. Let's say that split water-cooled CPU and GPU for heat dissipation use full coverage customized cold head and customized water pump circulating cold exhaust. More than ten machines can be put down in the cabinet, and a large-scale overall cold exhaust cooling and fan can be installed behind the cabinet. 3. When the power is cut off, UPS can be used to equip the generator. The network can customize the 5g flow card of the main board to automatically switch the 5g flow card when there is no network. It is believed that the 5g universal network speed will be very fast in the future without worrying about the network speed. The above is my personal point of view. I hope that some deficiencies can be pointed out and joint research can contribute to the cause of filecoin

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