If you look at lotus-miner sectors status --log [sectorid] and see something like locked funds insufficient to cover initial pledges (... < NUMBER), then:
lotus send --method 14 --params-json '"NUMBER"' t0MinerID 0
Should fix that (edited)

junyao 15 days ago
Hi @Magik6k could you briefly explain what's going on with the lotus send command?

  1. what does the trailing '0' represent in the message
  2. How to make sure the miner has enough 'locked funds' ahead of time (instead of taking actions after we notice the error) (edited)

Magik6k 15 days ago
It invokes the AddLockedFunds method on the miner actor - https://github.com/filecoin-project/specs-actors/blob/master/actors/builtin/miner/miner_actor.go#L65
We need to fix things to do it automatically when you recover sectors
14: a.AddLockedFund,