Every SAFT purchaser will get his/her own individual actor (a.k.a. smart contract) that vests over the appropriate period. You can do two things with that actor:
Withdraw tokens that have vested
Change ownership of the actor using the SwapSigner method – this doesn’t let you withdraw more tokens, but it does let you transfer ownership of the actor to a new custodian or wallet.
If you choose to use a professional custodian (which we recommend for most people) rather than self-custody, CoinList will facilitate that for most purchasers. The custodian that CoinList will be working with by default will support SwapSigner , as will the self-custody wallet with Ledger support. Others may or may not – you should ask, and be aware that you might be stuck with the custodian if they don’t implement it.
There will be more instructions for SAFT purchasers via emails from Coinlist in the next few weeks!