There’s a lot of them for fear and being being worked on and some of these are going to change so take everything I said here with a big green assault this is a preview of work in progress a lot of what I see here is going to be documented and signed up in its winners and and and website and sign this is an introduction because there were a lot of questions around us and in the prior Johnny and I wanted to talk through some of those this work of how this is gonna work I did notice a lot of rotations with a lot of different assumptions and how how these medicine for men to work hi hon so eloquently described to create a decentralized efficient and robust foundation working out his information

Trust to the web so you can think of the evolution of all the weather in terms of going from read-only media hope you had a contact to getting into activity to make the website right now and now that we’re adding verifiability to all kinds of properties and we are able to trust the systems because because of those verifiably properties so the key principle that I want you to to kind of understand through this conversation is that in a lot of questions so that the more in a lot of problems out of this sorting web three I’m lucky question is not do I trust you it’s not a binary my brother is how much do I trust you how much am I willing to trust you put it in his particular transaction or engagement or something like that and if we can bond that we can gain some understanding or information about what’s addressed and want to say then we can make all kinds of other properties verifiable and possible ones on so we can bootstrap truffle in a sense by limiting how much

I am having a different kind of party is at parties are honest and behaving about going to the protocol even if it’s an in there they’re there were stuff I can I can I make that up I sent it away most of the parties respect will be rational we will act based on an economic incentives and at the goal of a network issue is the line economic incentives with the correct behavior so Debra rational parties are heavy as close to two honest us as we can make it they are trying to cheat the system and then we’ll go out of their way to try and break things were trying to try to do bad things and especially if I can find someway to cheat the system and and also make a lot of money while doing so so in him and sitter is that these parties are not on anyone’s side of an hour this includes minors client stocking holders partners all kinds of ribs are participating in him watching might be a

Will be here rationally so there’s problems probably pop in which is that when malicious minus the store big deals and if this means it’s not about capacity or or single specifically trying to pretend to be a storing a deal but in reality not actually storing any any so you can think of like a little bit like this like it are there honest deals and rational deals at parties engaging with their self and honest or rational client interacting with an honest or rational minor and of course he’s going to know can be much different address specific type of video that it can create a lot of problems were minors are trying to gain the blocker word by just pretending to be making a lot of deals problem for long time for years really and envious it’s going to kind of different kinds of solutions are from highly technical things to do later two options and insulin I’m at one of the key things to remember is again to go

What is mental mental reward this activity is meant to ruin activity of story about the boat yesterday so thought you even seen that this got a casa floating around a committed capacity so I need to be able to fly to the network when a minor is committing empty storage the network and make that very easy to transition into into actually real real real deal having a lot of committee capacity and this is an activity one everyone now but the goal is to get a real deal square a minor is making a real deal with a real client and that that’s where valuable username is getting sore and it’s exactly know that the main goal we want as many of these deals as possible better potential he some Melissa deals where in minors pertaining to Sarah deal with nine client data and this could be fake or garbage or something on this is bad so we went through what do you stop to think committing about to do the networking signaling hey I have a lot of empty Saturday it could turn into

We were going to see if you want to have those by the CarPlay so it’s not easy to detect what is a good deal really over so much and so ideally looked out the reward we want to accrue towards real deals not not to not to say much should be should be rewarded by but it the other day we would like to make a strong incentive to go from capacity to the real deal start the goal of the buckle what is to incentivize the storage of idea therefore we want to be a very strong and I can send if you go from committing Cassidy to them storing sorry problems here that I mentioned briefly him as something that they verify clients can help with I’ll probably won’t stay together so you know right now with Bruce repetition and we have a ceiling on ceiling is pretty slow there’s all kinds of applications that were making and I were doing and how many different constructions some that are at their pastor in Florence on top of the current ones were looking at art are quite slow and so on ceiling from the east

Billy here where were verified going to actually help with this Hearon and maybe close the loop on this are in the future yeah I’ll save a spot on and I’ll record a longer version of the software a bag and threw it away to grade it up reflect on this tree off wrap for a moment where we can think of the cost and benefits of a of a party address I just want real deals in Westfield you can think of this time and ceiling and transfer and I can’t find all your money up laterals and the potential loss of arrest and so on being upset by the block of wood in the deal the world worth anything over with a customer trouble and of course like a scale rights of the actual factors in a lot of places are gonna change the amount scare a lot so I could be there actually beginning with her and Chris replication ceiling in the domain cost or it could be the best part is gonna cost so so this is don’t take the slide out or the scale scared me anything at all this is just it

Much right right back I Deleigh this is not the scale and it’s not want one but the profit is as much much much better and we also wants the Wii want the case of storing real deals to be more profitable than than a case of story much and this is kind of what we have to contend with the fact that I’m Alyssa deal could actually not have to pay with the transfer cost not have to have high collateral things like that and then avoid a bunch of costs but it also doesn’t get some kind of reward and if we win win when the incentive structure and make sure the rational parties are choosing to so another thing to consider is if we have ideal distribution we would like we like 90% real deals in around 10% committed Cassidy I am here at Elysian zero probably unrealistic maybe a greed greed and Bierman would be something like 20% with Patty and 78% real deals into percent want to feel this evening that would be sort of OK well I have to run to the storage is really old and the restless to Pasadena or malicious gossip

Gets here to get to these kinds of albums as with the cava greater OK and in the important thing to remember is that we cannot easily distinguish real deals for malicious heels that’s that’s a a a kind of hard hard fact of life because I cleaned it is encrypted usually and minors another just not have access to get on a video call that a whole point here is some if you want to be able to have private private networks work use able to throw a bunch of data and without having to go back to stoop to that hi so this means there’s a very hard technical problems here how can you distinguish real data from a user from the south trying to get a cheaper system and there’s a beer from magic solution to look at the problem in a different way and it’s it’s actually not thinking about the data itself and start thinking about the quiet so there’s a little solution here at work instead of distinguishing the data itself try to distinguish the clients

And the boys the data science really matters trusting clients for about 20 GB is way less risky than trusting them for 10 price you can trust 10,000 parties that we can gigabytes and that’s about 100 TB that’s not a lot of rest that’s great that’s pretty easy to me but he trusted us 100 parties with 10 PB so when you get into it when it’s about an hour is a lot of rest so you can think of verification of clients tuning to the amount of data storage that you might want to want to be storing like a really really critical point that if the question is not do I trust you would rather how much do I trust you and your main take away for what verify clients is going to do so much with management came to make significant money with lots and lots of storage power and I didn’t been so that’s easy to text you to the couch and an English from legitimate clients and of course those mothers make up some small percentage

That’s up at the cigarette outlet so look at simple like intuitive into the way to think about this which is not supposed to post that you’re very far from them imagine kind of conversation you have with berries are you coming coming to you and you’re trying to distinguish are they malicious clients for Melissa‘s fine or are they are rational pie and honestly if somebody shows up and says hey I want to throw one gigabyte off on my contract and will probably that’s that’s not that’s not too bad that’s probably it could be could be Melissa‘s party but I know it’s probably 8 AM irrational or honest or explain imagine that in the conversation goes in today I want to 10 GB of personal data so not a lot so he maybe that’s why 10,000 people like that 10,000 parties show up and they look kind of similar and they all say hey we want to invite each settling the verification to get a little bit more complex hey Mary I need I need some proof that you are truly an accuser

Something like that just something simple at West he trusts easy as just approving out there a particular user auntie base and that there’s an activity for certain amount of time and so on so that way getting rid of boss or civil maybe that Mile work without that’s probably different from seeing an account on on Twitter that bike has very little activity or something like that and maybe totally looks like a box for me you may not trust that the party and of course it gets trickier on harder as the amount of storage those up some Aleve you’re seeing 10,000 parties asking for 100 GB that’s that’s more him but he may be the application developers and they’re asking for it or use the storage for a professional goal is to to get a lot of appointment and we want to give them a lot of useful cheese fries and so on but in here I want to developers and application of offers have 1000

Show proof that you have Waze accounts and both accounts are active the oldest one that’s a very poor way to of course as the numbers get larger and you might have to do more so send me an application of opera shows up and says hey I want to enter by some application and maybe the verify it as well what kind of Acacian can you show it to me I look at is the single audience and you go look at it outside beside a really cool application there less that’s awesome hey this is it seems like a great use case but hold on how do I know that you really are the developer can you verify that you are new to Alber and then you know the other party could be like sure if it’s a proof that he got the case we totally want to talk when we can definitely verify the sense of very laborious conversation very simple kind of conversation with the legitimizes woo hoo I got a client may or may not be at other kinds of things we get parties at one

That’s super easy to verify because he can just look at it and make sure that that is that is that it’s getting a little bit harder once you get into into larger amounts were for lunch and you and encryption gets in the mix so much for the party come see you and says hey I want to store one petabyte of lights and ask OK well what time do you show me and they say no sorry these are private encrypted a well yeah I put about it a lot you could be a most minor can you tell me more about your organization and he said yes we’re a ID card it’s a lot for him and yes I website and then you look at the website it kind of looks like shit about a look at some kind of art and it looks real this is all great people there and see what the purpose of the people and so on can you prove that you’re actually Shannon so on can you prove that the organization has history and so on the price if the party can provide proof for that then

Find proof right so maybe somebody shows up and says hey I want to start petabytes and put the data do you like what kind of deal I can show it to me but no absolutely not dead it’s a lot but I can you tell me about your organization like oh yeah sure I am we are staying at Olivers OK can you really verify that you truly are some developers new part of the real security but I don’t know we’re not gonna be a fight at all that’s only that point you’re you maybe I’m not sure these parties are truly a good idea maybe you’re not actually Roberts going to try to go to the network as a unit in that point don’t don’t give them to the reservation but then even at 10 PB you might get a very legitimate organization maybe it’s a video player maybe it’s Danielle and they can prove it with ER so that point I add up when you can then start trusting parties or even very very large amounts of data but inside the cup hopefully it’s kind of a conversation has has has shown how to amount verification that you might need to do changes with with it though

So cool verify this place so this is like a key where we can look at other systems so Internet white systems today that our concert foundational things like your ass in jail at the salon use already registries registrar services and so on to provide a bunch of different kinds of of of services that require certain kinds of verification that those might be too burdensome so those kinds of patients have limitations they’re not a pro getting friendly and so on and so maybe perhaps we don’t quite want to do that but but then we can look at things like they going to Sam’s where there are locking system set up that used prostate for voting or even the consensus or or even groups like cases have a full your auntie and governance in the house after the state run chain operate so then perhaps there’s some some some work be done around us and then we have other kinds of weather systems things like Nick her and her Aragon and ask someone that you

Sirens on which corn these networks of verifiers endurance to decide on outcomes of events so this is a very interesting way of mixing in some other human verification in the system to validate certain things to prevent so it’s up so that someone not very kind of wet 38 away and in one of the important things about all this is a deal usually rely on a few well-chosen parties to recover from whole system failure start adding to us in the loop you might need to add more humans to remove them or something like that in the world where we need a good governance process for being able to show that a party should stop being a part of that of a set of a verifier social going up any way to kind of at a community competition that party should no longer be at the theater by or some like that so for example EMS uses a piece of Ruthie holders for the contract way something written goes wrong in the community

Coldwater do decide transaction and then then do it now he does price by to go and do something rogue like tunes that change the contract or without checking with the meeting and so on and that would be immediately obvious and that that would be a major governance probably not system and it was forced to change very quickly and we seen seen cases like this already in the box so look all the stuff is not ideal but it is pragmatic web free stuff that works today and it tends to be a steppingstone to some other more aggressive solution in the future they were looking at great really critical problem without having to spend a lot more time at doing training all the vomit and finding more algorithmic deeper solution but that would push out that then I work Lancer for the race so we want to bowl and have some kind of pragmatic solution to solve this problem is return so in the long term we need at the centralizing and then fully distributed network verifiers and enjoy myself :-)

And we also want 4451 so things like this being able to kind of match verify verify those players that without a useful MM know it’s important the verifiers do better with a reputation is worth more than more than drives we might we might chooseAwesome