morning good afternoon good evening。 I hope everyone else think they think it’s crazy times my name is Isa shake and some of you might know me from the file going to be at the slack another forums but we got to start the walls were joining thank you for your continued support or 5 o’clock even though the world is a little crazy right now it’s exciting times are in the following projects are being that launch window opens a couple months from now that we’re obviously working very hard on that past couple of weeks we reset our chestnut face to launch a couple weeks ago and we had an incredible amount of participation in support of bug finding a deal making retrieval a bunch of other activity on the test at work so thank you all for sticking with us this long and I hope you’re as excited as we are as we get into the final stretch in online community called you I can do better with a few different people today are all from Baris five punchings I will have a Colin Ian Juan and chop addict or talking to us and then I’ll assess questions to very end so popular cited to get started we have a filecoin overview from college so I’m going to ask him to no end that percentage material it’s being recorded and will be represented the Chinese subtitles are for people backed out。

早上好,下午好,晚上好。我希望其他人都认为这是疯狂的时刻,我的名字是I s a shake,你们中的一些人可能从文件中知道我将在另一个论坛上闲逛,但我们必须开始,墙是加入感谢你的持续支持或5点,即使世界是有点疯狂的权利现在是令人兴奋的时刻,在下面的项目中,发布窗口将在几个月后打开,显然我们在过去的几周里非常努力,我们重新设置了我们的栗色脸,几周前发布,我们有一个令人难以置信的参与,以支持bug找到一个交易,使检索一堆关于工作中考试的其他活动,所以感谢大家这么长时间的支持,我希望你们和我们一样兴奋,因为我们进入了在线社区的最后一段,叫做“你我可以做得更好,今天有几个不同的人,都来自巴里斯,五个朋克,我会有一个科林·伊恩·胡安和肖普上瘾,或者和我们聊天,然后我将对问题进行评估,直到最后,如此受欢迎的引用开始,我们有一个大学的文件硬币概述,所以我将要求他没有结束的百分比材料,它正在被记录,并将被代表,中文字幕是为退出的人.

Fantastic I will welcome everyone I’m just so absolutely just excited to see so many participants in the smiley community call my name is calling everyone I support the ecosystem developments on on the balcony project and I’m absolutely delighted to present a quick overview of the falcon project and highlights of recent ecosystem moment so personal touch on why the falcon project exist backwards mission is to create a D centralized efficient roebucks foundation for humanities information we truly believe that humanities most valuable resource is information and so were incredibly passionate about storing and protecting the Bible resource in an officially priced and distributed way this means that we’re addressing some of the major problems with today’s storage infrastructure from decentralizing the cloud away from the small number of centralized providers giving users



I have stored provider where the network itself can store content on every corner bringing content right to the edge parts needed bye-bye at the most and advised and more specifically when a client wants to store some data miners first compete to win the start of the storage contract and then they must prove that they are storing the data properly overtime to retrieve content a client will find a set of minors with the data and select the fastest and most affordable lunch retreat so now how could also transforms the fundamental business case and cost structure or what it means to be a storage provider in 2020 what it means to be a storage provider is a long list of things hate server administration competitive pricing good connectivity many regions worldwide really good customer support good marketing good sales and you’ll actually need a company as well that would fall queen allowed

Global ecosystem is really similar to the powerful service that Airbnb’s network provides for individual homeowners to allow them to compete with larger chains like hotels so then we can take a market where there’s some dominant cloud storage providers laptop and really include all sorts of data storage providers to be able to provide a compare it to compete affectively with the scale reliability and price efficient see if the larger place also transport and storage into a free market or storage providers and clients at the price is an economical what this means for minors is that they can earn significant PowerPoint for hosting piles from both the storage or your fees associated with a storage transaction in the Block awards anyone from small Mining Greg’s to advanced dental Center to plug into the Falco network and together as a whole provide a robust
Condition and talk for a few minutes about my absolute favorite topic which is the incredible ecosystem momentum we’re seeing around Parkway now I could go on for hours and hours on the momentum across developers clients token holders research partners and many many others but for this specific call I’m gonna focus on a few a subset of those including the file coin early use cases let me see how controlling and the growing minor Curity to get into it on the first early use case I’d like to highlight is Addie centralized applications and it’s hard to talk about the momentum of the certified application starting to build on file coin without first mentioning the incredible momentum around at your house at most if you know PowerPoint is an incentive system for the IKEA PepsiCo system and sell the growth of the HFS ecosystem naturally leads to more and more use cases for file court yes ecosystem is going about 10 X every year are at 80

And so with that I guess ecosystem we see a lot of growth at one particular browser I’d like to highlight is is opera is opera on where Dave integrated I PFS bifold right out of the box in a production ready release of them of that nature web browser breeders is our is next in line and we also have chrome and Firefox your extensions as well and so when he zoom out the IP office ecosystem is absolutely driving here’s a subset of the applications that represent a bunch of different categories abuse cases were making it easy for the stops and I’ll be a pass to you spell Quinn for decentralized persistent storage it’s all that I’ll just highlight three of the very very many at once at these apps that are already in a grading file queen and providing Paul can support this call now who’s making the development of the centralized applications on file queen seamless and intuitive text out our gate solution is easy to use in her face

You can learn all about it in the side YouTube video that Andrew and Aaron just posted a few weeks ago next us leak is also adding Paul Quinn storage support spritz file a storage solution that currently makes it easy to upload store and find files from my PFS in it and it really easy to use performative familiar way they have an incredible UI and we’re so excited that they’ll be providing popcorn support for this product as well and finally having an open bazaar or actually building that they have a huge a free online decentralized eBay style marketplace and I’ll be in a grading PowerPoint as a payment mechanism and into the marketplace to transact services which is really really exciting so this is just three of the many use cases that need already seem to Paul queen I’m so excited to showcase Morphin in the next game but for now I’ll transition to the next early

Tracking apps connect the carport needed coordinates and much much more in fact we eat there are many reports on how they have a cloud storage and data market will grow overtime but it was unanimous is that it’s growing by 30 3540% a year and will be many many zettabytes the future and so PowerPoint is an ideal solution for these large data sets that are either too costly to storage additional on storage mechanisms or they need to be verified one youth case I am a sample of our work dad love to highlight the show a foundation for the last year we’ve been working with the USC show a foundation store the worlds largest death genocide testimonial archive on the Falco network their visual history archive includes testimony from over 55,000 survivors nine genocide cost 62 countries it’s 9 PB worth of recordings and I will ultimately be stored on file containers and a subset of that date is already stored on PowerPoint

Darling like a sterling interface for that for sure can’t use this with an early prototype are we also have some really large data Scott’s that are going to be stored on file coil have a lot of hours and it’s already to get to our PowerPoint discovery mechanism I am so at this is in a petabytes and petabytes worth of work on it in storage that sometimes cannot the storage is stored in an efficient way to traditional meeting and so we’re already working to try and back up those eyes I don’t really use cases that I won’t touch on today but I will or working on actively him that I’ll be able to highlight and future calls include backing up all of web triste that to file coin I video publishing out we think will become a big big service on the network social media gaps games and gain distribution platforms so storing virtual world data

And over $1 million area I’d like to highlight is around five point to work we have a kind of a plan to have Addie the various different layers of truly exist on PowerPoint from developer library skin line in her face to test the keys to products at the glacier it’s all highlighted a few examples that we’ve already asking pop up onto the parkway Testa’s includes our documentation sites falcon discover which will learn about in just a few minutes mobile Wallace hardware wallets like ledger custody solutions including coin base Gemini in Anchorage for token holders mini block explorers including file scan Paul scout and felt foot floor and on and mining analysis tools that allow minors to analyze what how their minors are performing will set

I have very vividly in my memory from the website three some at our last year in Berlin two at the Shenzhen and Shanghai meet ups in China to many many other locations that we visited and interacted with many many folks from him better on this cold today down fortunately that kind of travel has been more difficult for us lately but regardless I’m so so excited to see the community grocery meant to say regardless of us not being able to go to the bar or apartment and so we’ve seen more and more in person events meet up with some virtual conferences and participated in many of them we see much a tremendous community growth to reach out and on my path platform and we see more and more contributor store and get a pre-pose without over 1200 open source contributors across our Rica we’ve also seen the prior test that reach a peek of 5 TB of self storage and 35 TB of storage waiting to join our which includes over

Large and professional storage facilities pop-up hi thank you for everyone’s posting these videos to Twitter on the total capacity I would probably estimate in the exabytes of storage that’s ready to join made that and I’m in terms of the organization is participating here’s just a small snapshot of the logos and individuals and organizations that have been active on her slack in our communities as I just want to conclude this presentation with a very heartfelt thank you to these organizations and individuals but I’ve been so committed to our file clean mine ecosystem for years and I want to say thank you for believing in her mission for growing our Meyer community and for investing in our test it to make it safe and secure you’re all helping file queen become a reality and we’re so excited and grateful to be able to long side you so thank you very much and I’ll pass it back to us