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    Yeah, so, howdy everyone, I'm Jonathan Victor, I am working on the Falcon discover project. I'm gonna actually touch on a few things that are calling in one brought up, I think this actually synthesizes some of the points in the topics they were just bringing up. But just to sort of reiterate, I think it's mandatory for each presenter to bring up the mission statement for file coin. The intent to file coin is to create a decentralized efficient and robust foundation for all of humanity's information. And so specifically. I think it's important to think about, essentially, what are what do we mean when we talk about these different data sources. So there's obviously like a lot of data out there. But there's literally as Colin mentioned zettabytes of data and growing. And this comes in a bunch of different categories. This can be AI datasets things for self driving cars, it could be climate data sensors that are being deployed by open source projects, or even proprietary projects, capturing climate data, cultural assets, things like Project Gutenberg that capture open source books are LibriVox which is like audiobooks mapping capturing useful assets that can be used by other projects but open source and private to actually use the information mapping streets cities and towns, and then science data sets trying to help create a foundation for the rest of us to actually do our research. And so, in theory, when we just say we want to store this data I think on the surface it can sound pretty trivial. And then when you start digging into the details, we start uncovering and peeling back these layers of all these different challenges. And specifically, you start realizing well okay if I have these super large data sets. I run into a usability problem. How do we both acquire the data and then how do we put it in a form that makes it useful. There's a logistic problem I have maybe petabytes of data that I'm trying to transfer and of course the internet itself is not built to do that thing. So how do I actually get that into the hands of people who might want to store on file coin. Even if I can get one copy into the hands of people, how do I store multiple copies. And then if you start doing the math of what it would take to actually transfer the data. Well if you use the normal internet, the costs start spiraling exponentially not mentioning even like the time to do so as well. And so if you think about it, the way that the internet is set up today, we have all these different pipes and we can go through those different pipes, but actually getting the data into the hands of the people who could even do the storing of that data is quite a challenge in and of itself. So if I can discover is a project that is aimed to see foul coin is the home treatment of these most important datasets by actually acting as the tip of spear to unblock a lot of these challenges. Specifically how does this work behind the scenes, the Falcon discovery team were working on various stages of this pipeline in order to enable and make it possible for anyone to actually pick up a store index large scale data sets. And we're doing this by building the tools as we go. So the first part of this is harvesting data sets. This is from nonprofits open source projects, even suggestions from the community, pulling all these data sources together. The second step is actually processing it. Unlike when we store data through Lotus just using graph sync or if we use ipfs. You actually have to build going to do the IPO deification the indexing and the generation of copies outside of any of the normal tooling that we have the step after that is actually distributing it says sorting out the logistics figuring out how can we actually effectively find in source miners to actually participate in this program. And the last component is surfacing, which specifically means actually after we've distributed the data, we've been able to strike an offline deal with a miner and be able to have that deal, go live on the network, how do we actually make the data that we harvested at the very beginning, accessible for others. Um So for each of these different parts right now this is something that our team is building in house, but the intention goal is for us to actually as much as we can open this up so other people can participate in the future. So just to give a little bit of a recap. Since our launch, which was on May 7, so not that long ago. thousand. The response has been absolutely overwhelming. I imagine it's the number of the folks on this call that actually has been the ones participating. Thousands of drives had been pre ordered. More than 100 miners around the world have offered storage offerings to participate in this program. We've had a number of organizations reach out, in order to have their database stored through Falcon discover and of course we've heard tons of valuable feedback from the community ways and improvements, or ways that we can update program and improvements that we can take on. So specifically today I wanted to talk. Just very briefly at least about how we've been responding and hearing your feedback. So the first is one had just mentioned, the, the challenge with verified clients and verified data. So, one thing that we heard from the community was as Falcone discovered that the intent here is to be a single source for the early source of verified data, but we don't want to be the only source, and especially given that all of the rest of this architecture is being built out. We wanted to cap the amount that we're actually storing through this program in the first wave, so as to not make anyone who doesn't feel like they want to participate, feel like they're being beaten over the head without for not actually having joined the program. So by capping the drives we have to address that first issue, and we'll reevaluate after lunch, to see how we can actually meet the demand, the demand that we're seeing from the miners who have already placed large orders, as well as store the data from all these projects that are reaching out to us. The second thing I wanted to flag is a number of folks had reached out, asking if we would be able to accept alternative forms of payment. And this is something that we're actually working on in the background. So we're looking into ways that you can accept bank transfers, including crypto payments as well. So that's something that will keep the community posted on as we start this video on our side. Third, I wanted to mention, as we talked about on the previous slide. We're also working on documenting and our processing and our patching or packaging our tooling. And so the intent here is a lot of the custom tools that we're doing prior to deification the ways that we're actually servicing things through the discovery UI. Ideally, this becomes a process that in the future other teams can run independent of us in this program. And so we'll be documenting how we've actually done this work. Hopefully releasing some tools as well so people will be able to pick this up and run this themselves, they'd like, as well as actually including some documentation about how if teams who process and store their own data are interested, they might be able to integrate that into our UI in the future. And then lastly I wanted to just give an update on some of the other projects that are contributing their data. Well, in this case, the Internet Archive is contributing some datasets to be stored through this program. Bitcoin that blockchain is now going to be archived as well. And there's a handful more that will be announced in the future.

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    And so for folks who have further questions, I'd like to just point you to our Slack channel fil dash discovery dash support or email, discover dev support at protocol AI. If you'd like to participate, feel free to go to the store store coin discover or desktop when discovery. COMM, or if you're interested for more information. Feel free to read our blog post, which also links to our update.

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    Yeah, thank you.

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    Thanks a lot, Jonathan. So next up we have Ian Darrow presenting a little bit of a teaser about test net incentives which I know is something that lots of people are super interested in. So let's get in, up here.

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    Hi everyone. As I said, my name is Ian, I work on the operations team at the Falcon project. I know that we have had lots and lots of questions about the test net Incentives Program. And I'm here. Not quite yet to tell you all the details but to give you a little bit of an outline about what to expect and how to prepare, we'll be announcing the final details of the program soon, but what's important for you to know, as you're getting ready, is that the test that incentive competition will be a three week competition where we challenge miners from all over the world to add as much sealed storage to the network as they can, as miners from all over the world, collaborate, to grow the total size of the network, the reward pool, that's shared between the miners will grow. We're excited to offer well I did well upwards of a million file coin total for this reward system to help miners have collateral to stake. Once the network is live. As part of this competition, there will be a live leaderboard where miners can look in real time. See how they're doing, how the entire community of miners is doing and what rewards have been reached, and miners will even be able to submit their names or their company's names, so that when people look at the leaderboards, they can see which miners have been the most active in the most successful in the community. One thing that is very important to note that I want you all to know is that it is required to participate in this program that your miner be set up to accept storage and retrieval deals so I know that we've seen a lot of people who are conducting testing and who haven't spent the time or turn down their miners in such a way that they can actually do storage and retrieval deals. We strongly encourage you to put in the time now to figure out how to make that work, because you won't be able to receive rewards from the test net Incentives Program without a miner that fully functions on the network. We're looking forward to releasing the full term soon we'll have the details including timing and all the reward amounts in the next week or two. So thank you.

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    Cool, thanks a lot Ian, and I'm sure I speak for everyone listening, and I say that people are very excited to be here more information. All right, so thank you to all of our speakers that's all of the presentations that we have for today. But before we go we did ask for members of the community to submit some questions that we wanted to answer. So I'd like to go through some of the questions that came in, and address some of them now.

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    Give me a second.

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    But hopefully people can see my screen.

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    All right. So the first question that we had and I think this might be at this point to be the most asked question in the history of humankind, is whether main net launch will take place on time. I'm happy to say yes, are there are no updates to our main net launch window it continues to be somewhere between July 20 and August 21, and as always you can follow our progress on our public roadmap Gantt chart as well as a cheat sheet for updates from us always, but we're certainly working very hard to meet our optimistic best case. Make that lunch window. So, keep supporting us and we'll make it there. Someone asked what's your progress on determining how verifiers and verified clients will work. So, obviously we got part of this information already today. I guess I'll say that for testing purposes. We'll probably put up some sort of profit, just to have like some small scale testing of verified claims for as we approach main net launch obviously we hope to flesh out some of those details and and formalize what the verification process will be like, but I will say that, so long as you are storing real data on file point for an actual use case, you probably don't have to worry about this, becoming a verified client should be easy. That's our goal. So we had a question. When do you expect the final specs for pledge collateral to be revealed. So we are continuing to work on our crypto economic models, the mechanism of pledge collateral will probably stay what it is what we have live on test phase right now. So the only thing that's TBD is kind of the actual parameters. I'd say expect to rough parameters in June. And the final parameters, probably in July as we approach main net launch itself. Question How long is file coin tested phase two expect it to test. Forever we are, we're hoping that this is the, the test that that we intend to keep live until until the next launch and probably after as well. But there will certainly be resets as we as we continue to as we come closer to make that launch so expect that as a question When will the test that competition start. And will there be an incentive mechanism and Ian, kind of touched on this briefly, our expected timeline right now so the competition will start about five weeks before main net launch. And there'll be a lot of file coin on the line. So, that that's the timeline that we have for that right now, as he said, expect more information. So the question that says when the test net phase to get the reward has the detailed distribution mode of rewards been determined. I'm not sure exactly what this question means but I think in terms of in terms of block rewards. More details on that will be coming up next week if you mean more about incentives again we've kind of touched on that already. There's a question How big is the possibility of using NFC in the official network, when will a white paper on NSE algorithms be available. So again, this is one of those questions that we received a lot from the miners and let me quickly say that we hear you, and we are grateful that you are providing all of your feedback. File coin bill launch with SDR is our plan, which is the existing perfectionism that we have on test net right now, we're continuing to research, nse, as well as other alternatives that might be better. And we are certainly hoping that we will introduce either NSE or some better version of it. At some point after it made that launch. So this is a good time to say that miners should definitely expect that there will be proof upgrades over the life of the network, it's not as though whatever we launch main net worth is what we stick with forever. So please be prepared to to upgrade to for for proof upgrades to happen over over the life of the network. And also, I lost peer support because these upgrades are to improve the efficiency and security of the network that's the only mode of driving. So just keep that in mind. But for now, NFC is not planned for for main net launch itself. That's a question boot verified client deals, such as those from file coin discover or others help with the test net incentive competition. No, it's the it's a short answer, and the entire answer.

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    Someone asks, Are Falco and rewards fixed per chipset or per block will a miner receive a fixed number of output for a block or will the reward be shared among the block at a chipset. It is per block, that's what's live and tested right now and that's what we plan to launch on Main net. So, if you win a block, you will earn a specified amount of file coin, it's not exactly a fixed amount in that that amount is going to be changing over time, but every block in the chipset will earn the same amount, and more blocks being president attempts at the start affect how much a miner will burn. So it is entirely port block. So someone asked how many blocks will be included in each chipset on average, the numbers, the current number is five, I believe that's what we have on test net phase two right now. And that's probably what we'll launch main net with five blocks per chipset on average, but it's certainly worth saying that, that you can expect, you know, far fewer or far more than those we sometimes get questions with, you know, there were eight blocks in this chipset, there's something broken, not at all. That's perfectly. That's perfectly normal. Someone asked is a unit of storage price per epoch is file clean. Will the value be changeable or stable because of the price wave of file coin itself. Yes. The unit is file coin. And this value will definitely be changeable I believe that is the value that that a miner can set for when setting their query. So, miners are free to change that and we're hoping that you know the economics of the market will wind up with some sort of equilibrium value that miners set in order to get to get clients to make deals with them. Someone asks, How can I make a committed capacity sector and do I still need to use it to seal my garbage data to get power, or do I get power to mined blocks as soon as I make a committed capacity sector. So, committed capacity sector is essentially any sector that doesn't have deals that doesn't have a deal in it. So, you can certainly get power to mined blocks. Once you've made a committed capacity sector but you still do have to seal that sector. In order to to start proving it and to start for that to be the basis of building blocks. You also will be. I believe will still be support submitting challenges for such a sector. Hardware recommendations for mining rigs, any motherboard and CPU suggestions or guidelines. As always, we are not providing any hardware recommendations ourselves. That is not that is not something that we want to do in short. Having said that, we want the community to be doing that and various members of the community have already benchmarked various mining setups. We've established some basic requirements, some minimum requirements by this point, and people have lots of opinions and have shared lots of results of their experiments. You can find that information on the Lotus website, or just ask in one of the community channels and I'm sure you'll get lots of responses from people that that will have valuable insight to that question. Someone asked what's the difference between 32 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte sectors, is there any minor mining 64 gigabyte sectors. I'm taking the second question yes yes there is we have my nurse on test on phase two that are mining 64 gigabyte sectors right now I believe in terms of the difference between 32 and 6464 is mining 64 gigabytes hackers is a little more efficient. It's probably a little faster to compute to compute the proofs for your 64 gigabyte sector, and also then you have only one sector to submit, or half as many factors as challenges for having said that it's exposed gigabyte sector obviously takes longer to unseal an agenda that's going to require better hardware and more space to seal and so on. So, it's a bit of a trade off. But that that's kind of what the difference would come down to. If you can support 64 gigabyte sectors Well, you're probably a little better off doing so. So the question we get a lot is well if you examine tests and phase two right now, from the current power table the top three miners seem to take most of the storage power, and it's it's a concern to you.

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    In short, I'd say no. In that the test net really isn't about gaining as much storage power as possible. Some people might have just been like, super ready to, to gain as much power as possible, but we still have huge amounts of storage power kind of sitting on the sidelines waiting to join. But in general, the purpose of test net is to be testing out the network and for people to get comfortable with final point, as well as to find bugs, obviously. So, we're not too concerned about you know what the power cable of test net phase two, it looks like, except to say that it's great to have people contributing storage power to it. I think as we get closer to main net launch. We'll have a better picture of what that initial power table will look like. Will the test net phase to be reset. If so, when yes definitely expect. I'd say expect multiple resets we're planning one for as soon as next week, probably. But in general, we're, we're fixing lots of problems, as I'm sure a lot of you know, and generally making improvements to to the implementation code, and we kind of want to get that code live and being tested as soon as possible. So yes, we definitely will be resetting to test for phase two, once or a couple more times. But the first one, coming fairly soon.

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    Okay, that looks like all of the questions that we got.

    Unknown 30:16
    Thanks a lot for your questions. And thank you all for joining us. Well, like I said at the beginning, we're hoping to do this. Semi regularly, if people find it valuable so feedback is very welcome. We'll have a recording of this posted with subtitles soon so stay tuned for that as well. but to sign off I'll say thank you to everyone who presented today thank you to all of you for joining the call, and thank you again for your continued support of the file coin project for your patience, or for your questions. And just for your enthusiasm because it is extremely encouraging, as we get into this final final window, as we approach lunch. So take care, stay safe everyone. Have a good day. Have a good night. and please stay in touch. Thanks a lot.

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    Very large amounts of data, but and so hopefully this kind of conversation has, has shown how the, the amount of verification that you might need to do changes with, with the amount of data that parties are trying to store and, and the amount of rest of that that that means. And again, it's very clear that, you know, you can trust a lot of people for very small amounts of data. But once you start getting into a lot of data, then you start getting into the high risk zone. So, who verifies these clients, so this is like a key, a key question. And so this is where we can look at other systems. So internet wide systems today that are sort of foundational things like DNS and TLS and so on. Use already registries registrar's services and so on, to provide a bunch of different kinds of of decentralized services that requires certain kinds of verification. Now, those might be too burdensome. So those kinds of verifications have limitations. They're not programming friendly and so on. And so maybe perhaps we don't quite want to do that, but but then we can look at things like stake oriented systems where there are blockchain systems that use proof of stake for voting or even the consensus, or or even groups like this have, you know, a full, you know on chain governance system that has proof of stake around chain upgrades so then perhaps there's some some some work that could be done around this. And then, and then we have other kinds of web three systems, things like maker and Aragon in DNS is one that use certain smart contracts, and then delegate someone to the verification to two specific parties. So you can look at things like Aragon court, and open bazaar and so on, which form these networks of decentralized verifiers and jurors to decide on outcomes of events. And so this is a very interesting way of mixing in some amount of human verification in the system to validate certain things to prevent civil civil attacks, and so on. In a very kind of web three native way. And one of the important things about all these systems is that they all usually rely on a few well chosen parties to recover from whole system failures, as soon as you start adding humans in the loop, you might need to add more humans or remove them or something like that. And at that point you enter into a world where you need a good governance process for being able to show that a party should stop being part of that of that set of verifiers or something like that, and you need a way to kind of as a community come to a decision that that party should no longer be via the via verify or something like that. So, for example, DNS uses a F set of root key holders for the contract where if something goes wrong, the community has a whole I process for alerting on this and making decisions on having to change the contract. And if the L E community decides to change the contract, then these, these parties are sort of authorized to go and C make that change, and the change they make is purely execution oriented they're just told what to O do this transaction and then do it now if those parties try to go and do something rogue like change I the change the contracts, without checking with a community and so on, then that would be N immediately obvious, and then there would be a major governance problem in that system, and it 。
    would force it to change very quickly. And we've seen seen cases like this already in the blockchain C system. So look, all of this stuff is not ideal, but it is pragmatic web three stuff that works today. And it N tends to be a stepping stone to some other more algorithmic solution in the future. And so we're looking at systems like this to solve this like very really critical problem without having to spend a lot more time doing technical development and finding more algorithmic deeper solutions, but that would push out the network loss, a product right so we want to launch five minutes in as possible. And so we need to have some kind of pragmatic solution here to solve this, this, this problem in the short term. So, in the long term we need a decentralized and fully distributed network of verifiers and you know my start small, we might it might start even smaller than this. But in the long term we want something that is properly geographically distributed. And actually, it has a lot of verifier so ideally we would get to a network that has no kind of in the order of 10s to hundreds.

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    But in the long term we want something that is properly geographically distributed. And actually, it has a lot of verifier so ideally we would get to a network that has no county in the order of 10s to hundreds of verifiers maybe 100 is a really good name. Number. But, but that's probably not in the short term there's probably more more long term. And we also want these verifiers to be able to understand different kinds of use cases for for five coins so things like this, being able to kind of match verifiers for certain use cases to understand how to verify those clients that, that would be useful. And of course, this can expand over time. And, you know, it's important to these verifiers are not bribable, that they're really trustable and dependable parties in the network that where the reputation is worth more than, more than drives. So these are the kinds of criteria that we might we might choose. But one very important piece here is that again we can apply the same principle that we have with clients to verifiers we can cap how much we trust them for. So again, the key question is not, do I trust this verifier, but rather how much do I trust the verifier and do I know what kind of error rate, do they have they have. So they have some sort of like 5% or 10% error rate, hey maybe that's fine you can trust them to be able to verify parties up to petabytes, but if they're kind of loose and they maybe have like a 50% error rate. Maybe you can only you only let them verify parties in small amounts, and maybe you only give them half a petabyte or something like that to verify. And so this kind of principle of capping the rest is what makes this entire system system work. The last final question is you know who who verifies the verifiers, and it's really you, the whole point here is that this requires network governance. This requires discussions and forums evidences of breach or things like that. And then at that point every decision is made in a, in a well governed way, then you know kind of a group of executives can carry out a decision to remove a verify. That's kind of the way of thinking, thinking about it. And this is similar to how DNS and di and other systems work. You can sort of think about it like this. There are kind of these verifiers that are verifying clients and distinguishing them between unverified clients and verify clients. We want most of the verified Muslim verification to be really easy and so clients that have a lot of storage can just be become verified. And then these are the kind of transactions that can happen. Now of course a lot of points may still be unverified especially small smaller clients or some large client clients that are programs, who can't go through the verification process, and that's totally fine too. It's just a matter of that we would like to at least be able to bound the risk of what what is a potentially malicious deal or not. Great, so I'm out of time for today. More details coming soon, hopefully, that helped answer some questions we'll turn this into something that you can digest and will then later on, turn it into into documents. Thank you very much.

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    There’s a lot of them for fear and being being worked on and some of these are going to change so take everything I said here with a big green assault this is a preview of work in progress a lot of what I see here is going to be documented and signed up in its winners and and and website and sign this is an introduction because there were a lot of questions around us and in the prior Johnny and I wanted to talk through some of those this work of how this is gonna work I did notice a lot of rotations with a lot of different assumptions and how how these medicine for men to work hi hon so eloquently described to create a decentralized efficient and robust foundation working out his information

    Trust to the web so you can think of the evolution of all the weather in terms of going from read-only media hope you had a contact to getting into activity to make the website right now and now that we’re adding verifiability to all kinds of properties and we are able to trust the systems because because of those verifiably properties so the key principle that I want you to to kind of understand through this conversation is that in a lot of questions so that the more in a lot of problems out of this sorting web three I’m lucky question is not do I trust you it’s not a binary my brother is how much do I trust you how much am I willing to trust you put it in his particular transaction or engagement or something like that and if we can bond that we can gain some understanding or information about what’s addressed and want to say then we can make all kinds of other properties verifiable and possible ones on so we can bootstrap truffle in a sense by limiting how much

    I am having a different kind of party is at parties are honest and behaving about going to the protocol even if it’s an in there they’re there were stuff I can I can I make that up I sent it away most of the parties respect will be rational we will act based on an economic incentives and at the goal of a network issue is the line economic incentives with the correct behavior so Debra rational parties are heavy as close to two honest us as we can make it they are trying to cheat the system and then we’ll go out of their way to try and break things were trying to try to do bad things and especially if I can find someway to cheat the system and and also make a lot of money while doing so so in him and sitter is that these parties are not on anyone’s side of an hour this includes minors client stocking holders partners all kinds of ribs are participating in him watching might be a

    Will be here rationally so there’s problems probably pop in which is that when malicious minus the store big deals and if this means it’s not about capacity or or single specifically trying to pretend to be a storing a deal but in reality not actually storing any any so you can think of like a little bit like this like it are there honest deals and rational deals at parties engaging with their self and honest or rational client interacting with an honest or rational minor and of course he’s going to know can be much different address specific type of video that it can create a lot of problems were minors are trying to gain the blocker word by just pretending to be making a lot of deals problem for long time for years really and envious it’s going to kind of different kinds of solutions are from highly technical things to do later two options and insulin I’m at one of the key things to remember is again to go

    What is mental mental reward this activity is meant to ruin activity of story about the boat yesterday so thought you even seen that this got a casa floating around a committed capacity so I need to be able to fly to the network when a minor is committing empty storage the network and make that very easy to transition into into actually real real real deal having a lot of committee capacity and this is an activity one everyone now but the goal is to get a real deal square a minor is making a real deal with a real client and that that’s where valuable username is getting sore and it’s exactly know that the main goal we want as many of these deals as possible better potential he some Melissa deals where in minors pertaining to Sarah deal with nine client data and this could be fake or garbage or something on this is bad so we went through what do you stop to think committing about to do the networking signaling hey I have a lot of empty Saturday it could turn into

    We were going to see if you want to have those by the CarPlay so it’s not easy to detect what is a good deal really over so much and so ideally looked out the reward we want to accrue towards real deals not not to not to say much should be should be rewarded by but it the other day we would like to make a strong incentive to go from capacity to the real deal start the goal of the buckle what is to incentivize the storage of idea therefore we want to be a very strong and I can send if you go from committing Cassidy to them storing sorry problems here that I mentioned briefly him as something that they verify clients can help with I’ll probably won’t stay together so you know right now with Bruce repetition and we have a ceiling on ceiling is pretty slow there’s all kinds of applications that were making and I were doing and how many different constructions some that are at their pastor in Florence on top of the current ones were looking at art are quite slow and so on ceiling from the east

    Billy here where were verified going to actually help with this Hearon and maybe close the loop on this are in the future yeah I’ll save a spot on and I’ll record a longer version of the software a bag and threw it away to grade it up reflect on this tree off wrap for a moment where we can think of the cost and benefits of a of a party address I just want real deals in Westfield you can think of this time and ceiling and transfer and I can’t find all your money up laterals and the potential loss of arrest and so on being upset by the block of wood in the deal the world worth anything over with a customer trouble and of course like a scale rights of the actual factors in a lot of places are gonna change the amount scare a lot so I could be there actually beginning with her and Chris replication ceiling in the domain cost or it could be the best part is gonna cost so so this is don’t take the slide out or the scale scared me anything at all this is just it

    Much right right back I Deleigh this is not the scale and it’s not want one but the profit is as much much much better and we also wants the Wii want the case of storing real deals to be more profitable than than a case of story much and this is kind of what we have to contend with the fact that I’m Alyssa deal could actually not have to pay with the transfer cost not have to have high collateral things like that and then avoid a bunch of costs but it also doesn’t get some kind of reward and if we win win when the incentive structure and make sure the rational parties are choosing to so another thing to consider is if we have ideal distribution we would like we like 90% real deals in around 10% committed Cassidy I am here at Elysian zero probably unrealistic maybe a greed greed and Bierman would be something like 20% with Patty and 78% real deals into percent want to feel this evening that would be sort of OK well I have to run to the storage is really old and the restless to Pasadena or malicious gossip

    Gets here to get to these kinds of albums as with the cava greater OK and in the important thing to remember is that we cannot easily distinguish real deals for malicious heels that’s that’s a a a kind of hard hard fact of life because I cleaned it is encrypted usually and minors another just not have access to get on a video call that a whole point here is some if you want to be able to have private private networks work use able to throw a bunch of data and without having to go back to stoop to that hi so this means there’s a very hard technical problems here how can you distinguish real data from a user from the south trying to get a cheaper system and there’s a beer from magic solution to look at the problem in a different way and it’s it’s actually not thinking about the data itself and start thinking about the quiet so there’s a little solution here at work instead of distinguishing the data itself try to distinguish the clients

    And the boys the data science really matters trusting clients for about 20 GB is way less risky than trusting them for 10 price you can trust 10,000 parties that we can gigabytes and that’s about 100 TB that’s not a lot of rest that’s great that’s pretty easy to me but he trusted us 100 parties with 10 PB so when you get into it when it’s about an hour is a lot of rest so you can think of verification of clients tuning to the amount of data storage that you might want to want to be storing like a really really critical point that if the question is not do I trust you would rather how much do I trust you and your main take away for what verify clients is going to do so much with management came to make significant money with lots and lots of storage power and I didn’t been so that’s easy to text you to the couch and an English from legitimate clients and of course those mothers make up some small percentage

    That’s up at the cigarette outlet so look at simple like intuitive into the way to think about this which is not supposed to post that you’re very far from them imagine kind of conversation you have with berries are you coming coming to you and you’re trying to distinguish are they malicious clients for Melissa‘s fine or are they are rational pie and honestly if somebody shows up and says hey I want to throw one gigabyte off on my contract and will probably that’s that’s not that’s not too bad that’s probably it could be could be Melissa‘s party but I know it’s probably 8 AM irrational or honest or explain imagine that in the conversation goes in today I want to 10 GB of personal data so not a lot so he maybe that’s why 10,000 people like that 10,000 parties show up and they look kind of similar and they all say hey we want to invite each settling the verification to get a little bit more complex hey Mary I need I need some proof that you are truly an accuser

    Something like that just something simple at West he trusts easy as just approving out there a particular user auntie base and that there’s an activity for certain amount of time and so on so that way getting rid of boss or civil maybe that Mile work without that’s probably different from seeing an account on on Twitter that bike has very little activity or something like that and maybe totally looks like a box for me you may not trust that the party and of course it gets trickier on harder as the amount of storage those up some Aleve you’re seeing 10,000 parties asking for 100 GB that’s that’s more him but he may be the application developers and they’re asking for it or use the storage for a professional goal is to to get a lot of appointment and we want to give them a lot of useful cheese fries and so on but in here I want to developers and application of offers have 1000

    Show proof that you have Waze accounts and both accounts are active the oldest one that’s a very poor way to of course as the numbers get larger and you might have to do more so send me an application of opera shows up and says hey I want to enter by some application and maybe the verify it as well what kind of Acacian can you show it to me I look at is the single audience and you go look at it outside beside a really cool application there less that’s awesome hey this is it seems like a great use case but hold on how do I know that you really are the developer can you verify that you are new to Alber and then you know the other party could be like sure if it’s a proof that he got the case we totally want to talk when we can definitely verify the sense of very laborious conversation very simple kind of conversation with the legitimizes woo hoo I got a client may or may not be at other kinds of things we get parties at one

    That’s super easy to verify because he can just look at it and make sure that that is that is that it’s getting a little bit harder once you get into into larger amounts were for lunch and you and encryption gets in the mix so much for the party come see you and says hey I want to store one petabyte of lights and ask OK well what time do you show me and they say no sorry these are private encrypted a well yeah I put about it a lot you could be a most minor can you tell me more about your organization and he said yes we’re a ID card it’s a lot for him and yes I website and then you look at the website it kind of looks like shit about a look at some kind of art and it looks real this is all great people there and see what the purpose of the people and so on can you prove that you’re actually Shannon so on can you prove that the organization has history and so on the price if the party can provide proof for that then

    Find proof right so maybe somebody shows up and says hey I want to start petabytes and put the data do you like what kind of deal I can show it to me but no absolutely not dead it’s a lot but I can you tell me about your organization like oh yeah sure I am we are staying at Olivers OK can you really verify that you truly are some developers new part of the real security but I don’t know we’re not gonna be a fight at all that’s only that point you’re you maybe I’m not sure these parties are truly a good idea maybe you’re not actually Roberts going to try to go to the network as a unit in that point don’t don’t give them to the reservation but then even at 10 PB you might get a very legitimate organization maybe it’s a video player maybe it’s Danielle and they can prove it with ER so that point I add up when you can then start trusting parties or even very very large amounts of data but inside the cup hopefully it’s kind of a conversation has has has shown how to amount verification that you might need to do changes with with it though

    So cool verify this place so this is like a key where we can look at other systems so Internet white systems today that our concert foundational things like your ass in jail at the salon use already registries registrar services and so on to provide a bunch of different kinds of of of services that require certain kinds of verification that those might be too burdensome so those kinds of patients have limitations they’re not a pro getting friendly and so on and so maybe perhaps we don’t quite want to do that but but then we can look at things like they going to Sam’s where there are locking system set up that used prostate for voting or even the consensus or or even groups like cases have a full your auntie and governance in the house after the state run chain operate so then perhaps there’s some some some work be done around us and then we have other kinds of weather systems things like Nick her and her Aragon and ask someone that you

    Sirens on which corn these networks of verifiers endurance to decide on outcomes of events so this is a very interesting way of mixing in some other human verification in the system to validate certain things to prevent so it’s up so that someone not very kind of wet 38 away and in one of the important things about all this is a deal usually rely on a few well-chosen parties to recover from whole system failure start adding to us in the loop you might need to add more humans to remove them or something like that in the world where we need a good governance process for being able to show that a party should stop being a part of that of a set of a verifier social going up any way to kind of at a community competition that party should no longer be at the theater by or some like that so for example EMS uses a piece of Ruthie holders for the contract way something written goes wrong in the community

    Coldwater do decide transaction and then then do it now he does price by to go and do something rogue like tunes that change the contract or without checking with the meeting and so on and that would be immediately obvious and that that would be a major governance probably not system and it was forced to change very quickly and we seen seen cases like this already in the box so look all the stuff is not ideal but it is pragmatic web free stuff that works today and it tends to be a steppingstone to some other more aggressive solution in the future they were looking at great really critical problem without having to spend a lot more time at doing training all the vomit and finding more algorithmic deeper solution but that would push out that then I work Lancer for the race so we want to bowl and have some kind of pragmatic solution to solve this problem is return so in the long term we need at the centralizing and then fully distributed network verifiers and enjoy myself :-)

    And we also want 4451 so things like this being able to kind of match verify verify those players that without a useful MM know it’s important the verifiers do better with a reputation is worth more than more than drives we might we might chooseAwesome

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    morning good afternoon good evening。 I hope everyone else think they think it’s crazy times my name is Isa shake and some of you might know me from the file going to be at the slack another forums but we got to start the walls were joining thank you for your continued support or 5 o’clock even though the world is a little crazy right now it’s exciting times are in the following projects are being that launch window opens a couple months from now that we’re obviously working very hard on that past couple of weeks we reset our chestnut face to launch a couple weeks ago and we had an incredible amount of participation in support of bug finding a deal making retrieval a bunch of other activity on the test at work so thank you all for sticking with us this long and I hope you’re as excited as we are as we get into the final stretch in online community called you I can do better with a few different people today are all from Baris five punchings I will have a Colin Ian Juan and chop addict or talking to us and then I’ll assess questions to very end so popular cited to get started we have a filecoin overview from college so I’m going to ask him to no end that percentage material it’s being recorded and will be represented the Chinese subtitles are for people backed out。

    早上好,下午好,晚上好。我希望其他人都认为这是疯狂的时刻,我的名字是I s a shake,你们中的一些人可能从文件中知道我将在另一个论坛上闲逛,但我们必须开始,墙是加入感谢你的持续支持或5点,即使世界是有点疯狂的权利现在是令人兴奋的时刻,在下面的项目中,发布窗口将在几个月后打开,显然我们在过去的几周里非常努力,我们重新设置了我们的栗色脸,几周前发布,我们有一个令人难以置信的参与,以支持bug找到一个交易,使检索一堆关于工作中考试的其他活动,所以感谢大家这么长时间的支持,我希望你们和我们一样兴奋,因为我们进入了在线社区的最后一段,叫做“你我可以做得更好,今天有几个不同的人,都来自巴里斯,五个朋克,我会有一个科林·伊恩·胡安和肖普上瘾,或者和我们聊天,然后我将对问题进行评估,直到最后,如此受欢迎的引用开始,我们有一个大学的文件硬币概述,所以我将要求他没有结束的百分比材料,它正在被记录,并将被代表,中文字幕是为退出的人.

    Fantastic I will welcome everyone I’m just so absolutely just excited to see so many participants in the smiley community call my name is calling everyone I support the ecosystem developments on on the balcony project and I’m absolutely delighted to present a quick overview of the falcon project and highlights of recent ecosystem moment so personal touch on why the falcon project exist backwards mission is to create a D centralized efficient roebucks foundation for humanities information we truly believe that humanities most valuable resource is information and so were incredibly passionate about storing and protecting the Bible resource in an officially priced and distributed way this means that we’re addressing some of the major problems with today’s storage infrastructure from decentralizing the cloud away from the small number of centralized providers giving users



    I have stored provider where the network itself can store content on every corner bringing content right to the edge parts needed bye-bye at the most and advised and more specifically when a client wants to store some data miners first compete to win the start of the storage contract and then they must prove that they are storing the data properly overtime to retrieve content a client will find a set of minors with the data and select the fastest and most affordable lunch retreat so now how could also transforms the fundamental business case and cost structure or what it means to be a storage provider in 2020 what it means to be a storage provider is a long list of things hate server administration competitive pricing good connectivity many regions worldwide really good customer support good marketing good sales and you’ll actually need a company as well that would fall queen allowed

    Global ecosystem is really similar to the powerful service that Airbnb’s network provides for individual homeowners to allow them to compete with larger chains like hotels so then we can take a market where there’s some dominant cloud storage providers laptop and really include all sorts of data storage providers to be able to provide a compare it to compete affectively with the scale reliability and price efficient see if the larger place also transport and storage into a free market or storage providers and clients at the price is an economical what this means for minors is that they can earn significant PowerPoint for hosting piles from both the storage or your fees associated with a storage transaction in the Block awards anyone from small Mining Greg’s to advanced dental Center to plug into the Falco network and together as a whole provide a robust
    Condition and talk for a few minutes about my absolute favorite topic which is the incredible ecosystem momentum we’re seeing around Parkway now I could go on for hours and hours on the momentum across developers clients token holders research partners and many many others but for this specific call I’m gonna focus on a few a subset of those including the file coin early use cases let me see how controlling and the growing minor Curity to get into it on the first early use case I’d like to highlight is Addie centralized applications and it’s hard to talk about the momentum of the certified application starting to build on file coin without first mentioning the incredible momentum around at your house at most if you know PowerPoint is an incentive system for the IKEA PepsiCo system and sell the growth of the HFS ecosystem naturally leads to more and more use cases for file court yes ecosystem is going about 10 X every year are at 80

    And so with that I guess ecosystem we see a lot of growth at one particular browser I’d like to highlight is is opera is opera on where Dave integrated I PFS bifold right out of the box in a production ready release of them of that nature web browser breeders is our is next in line and we also have chrome and Firefox your extensions as well and so when he zoom out the IP office ecosystem is absolutely driving here’s a subset of the applications that represent a bunch of different categories abuse cases were making it easy for the stops and I’ll be a pass to you spell Quinn for decentralized persistent storage it’s all that I’ll just highlight three of the very very many at once at these apps that are already in a grading file queen and providing Paul can support this call now who’s making the development of the centralized applications on file queen seamless and intuitive text out our gate solution is easy to use in her face

    You can learn all about it in the side YouTube video that Andrew and Aaron just posted a few weeks ago next us leak is also adding Paul Quinn storage support spritz file a storage solution that currently makes it easy to upload store and find files from my PFS in it and it really easy to use performative familiar way they have an incredible UI and we’re so excited that they’ll be providing popcorn support for this product as well and finally having an open bazaar or actually building that they have a huge a free online decentralized eBay style marketplace and I’ll be in a grading PowerPoint as a payment mechanism and into the marketplace to transact services which is really really exciting so this is just three of the many use cases that need already seem to Paul queen I’m so excited to showcase Morphin in the next game but for now I’ll transition to the next early

    Tracking apps connect the carport needed coordinates and much much more in fact we eat there are many reports on how they have a cloud storage and data market will grow overtime but it was unanimous is that it’s growing by 30 3540% a year and will be many many zettabytes the future and so PowerPoint is an ideal solution for these large data sets that are either too costly to storage additional on storage mechanisms or they need to be verified one youth case I am a sample of our work dad love to highlight the show a foundation for the last year we’ve been working with the USC show a foundation store the worlds largest death genocide testimonial archive on the Falco network their visual history archive includes testimony from over 55,000 survivors nine genocide cost 62 countries it’s 9 PB worth of recordings and I will ultimately be stored on file containers and a subset of that date is already stored on PowerPoint

    Darling like a sterling interface for that for sure can’t use this with an early prototype are we also have some really large data Scott’s that are going to be stored on file coil have a lot of hours and it’s already to get to our PowerPoint discovery mechanism I am so at this is in a petabytes and petabytes worth of work on it in storage that sometimes cannot the storage is stored in an efficient way to traditional meeting and so we’re already working to try and back up those eyes I don’t really use cases that I won’t touch on today but I will or working on actively him that I’ll be able to highlight and future calls include backing up all of web triste that to file coin I video publishing out we think will become a big big service on the network social media gaps games and gain distribution platforms so storing virtual world data

    And over $1 million area I’d like to highlight is around five point to work we have a kind of a plan to have Addie the various different layers of truly exist on PowerPoint from developer library skin line in her face to test the keys to products at the glacier it’s all highlighted a few examples that we’ve already asking pop up onto the parkway Testa’s includes our documentation sites falcon discover which will learn about in just a few minutes mobile Wallace hardware wallets like ledger custody solutions including coin base Gemini in Anchorage for token holders mini block explorers including file scan Paul scout and felt foot floor and on and mining analysis tools that allow minors to analyze what how their minors are performing will set

    I have very vividly in my memory from the website three some at our last year in Berlin two at the Shenzhen and Shanghai meet ups in China to many many other locations that we visited and interacted with many many folks from him better on this cold today down fortunately that kind of travel has been more difficult for us lately but regardless I’m so so excited to see the community grocery meant to say regardless of us not being able to go to the bar or apartment and so we’ve seen more and more in person events meet up with some virtual conferences and participated in many of them we see much a tremendous community growth to reach out and on my path platform and we see more and more contributor store and get a pre-pose without over 1200 open source contributors across our Rica we’ve also seen the prior test that reach a peek of 5 TB of self storage and 35 TB of storage waiting to join our which includes over

    Large and professional storage facilities pop-up hi thank you for everyone’s posting these videos to Twitter on the total capacity I would probably estimate in the exabytes of storage that’s ready to join made that and I’m in terms of the organization is participating here’s just a small snapshot of the logos and individuals and organizations that have been active on her slack in our communities as I just want to conclude this presentation with a very heartfelt thank you to these organizations and individuals but I’ve been so committed to our file clean mine ecosystem for years and I want to say thank you for believing in her mission for growing our Meyer community and for investing in our test it to make it safe and secure you’re all helping file queen become a reality and we’re so excited and grateful to be able to long side you so thank you very much and I’ll pass it back to us

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